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This blog is dedicated to the lovely Michelle Dockery. Known as The Dockery. And anything Downton Abbey. Thanks to my favorite slumcat for the theme! This is NOT a spoiler free blog!

April 23rd
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eyes lifting, uneasy, a flicker of fear

beating in her throat

"… if there’s anything I can do…"

a breath released, a small bout of relief, then the tug

of reality, and a

widening hollowness

the gost of a moment

the sorrow of a lifetime

Can I fight that?

"… please ask." 

Can you?

"There isn’t…"

You can’t

There’s nothing, nothing at all

only the pulse

of loneliness, the bitter taste

of regret.

"But thank you."

A pause

a change, eyes staring at each other.

There’s a weavering of…

… of something.

He nods, the lock is broken,

he moves, he leaves, and

her eyes

search for the sun, but there are clouds in the sky today,

and the shadows are coming


Maybe the wind

will blow, and the grey will change

to colours.

One day

she’ll heal,

and raise, and darkness won’t be so scary.

One day, only not


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April 23rd
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April 23rd
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April 22nd
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Happy 31st Birthday Michelle Suzanne Dockery. December 15, 1981.

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April 22nd
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April 22nd
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Downton Abbey pictures - season 1 

Downton Abbey pictures - season 1 

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April 22nd
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Sending you hugs, my dear!

 Thank you :) But I’m fine really…it’s just something I realized lately..idk haha I had to write it down. 

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April 22nd
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Sometimes I’m just like ‘Oh I’m so over it’ and then I see a photo or a video, hear something or smell something and then oups I’m suddenly not over it at all. 

April 22nd
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"Towards the end of Series 4, Mary had a little bit of mojo coming back. That sharper wittier edge coming back. Her sense of humour is returning, so I’m really excited to see where it goes." x

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April 22nd
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Yeah! Amazing *-*

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